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Root Aphid

 - (Pot)
Root Aphid - Bonsai Pot Bonsai Care

Root aphids appear as a white woolly deposit and feed on the roots.  Because they are hidden under the soil their presence is not always evident.  Severe infestations can weaken the tree leading to pale or yellowing foliage and weak branching.

They may be spotted during repotting and should not be confused with mycelium which tends to be greyer and coarser wheras the root aphid is a bright white colour.  One method of identification is to examine under pot in the dark using a torch as the aphid often leaves the pot and stays under it in the dark, returning in the light.

Treatment is by two successive immersions in Provado solution a couple of weeks apart - the first to kill the aphids and the second to kill the aphids which have hatched since the first immersion.

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