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Bonsai Care For Maple - Japanese (Acer Palmatum) (Tree Type (Outdoors))

Maple - Japanese (Acer Palmatum)

Maple - Japanese (Acer Palmatum) - (Tree Type (Outdoors))

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Maple - Japanese (Acer Palmatum) Bonsai Tree Type (Outdoors) MAPLE - JAPANESE (ACER PALMATUM) -

This category covers a wide rang of CULTIVAR>CULTIVARs including : Deshojo, Chisio, Ukon, Dissectum Atropurpurium and many others. originating from Japan they exhibit a wide range of leaf and BARK colourings.

STYLE : Upright tree suitable for most styles except literati.

WARNING : Prefers dappled shade. Needs protection from scorching by exposure to the hottest sumMEr sun. Susceptible to APHIDS and SCALE INSECT.

Care Info


REPOT : Every 2 years while young, and less frequently when older, in early spring just prior to BUD>BUD burst.

SOIL : Ideally Akadama or 40:60 GRIT:organic.

PRUNE : Late winter for main branches. Trim new SHOOTS to one or two pairs of LEAVES in spring.

PINCH : Remove large leaves mid-sumMEr to reduce leaf size.

WATER : DAI>DAIly throughout growing season but infrequently during winter months.

FEED : BALANCED FEED every two weeks during spring/summer. Low nitrogen in autumn to prevent weakening in leaf colour.

WARNING : Prefers dappled shade. Needs protection from scorching by exposure to the hottest summer sun. Susceptible to APHIDS and SCALE INSECT.

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