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An essential part of the overall bonsai image. Pots coME in all SHAPEs and sizes but part of the art is selecting the pot which does the tree justice.

The most sought after pots are hand made and tend to come from Japan although there are a number of European pot makers.

The pot in the photo is from the hand of Dan Barton to be awarded for the "Best Accent" Award at the Shohin UK Exhibition - 24th march 2013 - Failand Hall.

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There is a secondhand market for pots particularly antiques soME of which are still used to contain bonsai trees although they may have great value.

One of the recognised BONSAI POT manufacturing areas in Japan is Tokoname, an area that has been producing pottery since the 12th century.

The actual manufacturer of a bonsai pot can generally be determined from inspecting the POT SEALS, generally Kanji symbols.

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Thanks to - Dan Barton for use of the image

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