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Acer Palmatum
Acer Palmatum - (Tree Type (Outdoors))  
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Acer Palmatum Bonsai Tree Type (Outdoors) ACER PALMATUM -


This category covers a wide range of CULTIVAR>CULTIVARs including : Deshojo, Chisio, Ukon, Dissectum Atropurpurium and many others. originating from Japan they exhibit a wide range of leaf and BARK colourings.

STYLE : Upright tree suitable for most styles except literati.

WARNING : Prefers dappled shade. Needs protection from scorching by exposure to the hottest sumMEr sun. Susceptible to APHIDS and SCALE INSECT.

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An exCELLent book called JAPANESE MAPLEs by J.D. Vertrees and expanded by Peter Gregory is now in its third edition and still available. Heralded as "The ultimate book about the aristocrat of trees" the book can be purchased online for around 24 UK Pounds.

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