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Itoigawa Juniper

Itoigawa Juniper

  - (Tree Type (Outdoors))  
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Itoigawa Juniper Bonsai Tree Type (Outdoors) image Video 1 for Itoigawa Juniper (Tree Type (Outdoors))

Enrico grafts Itoigawa juniper.

Video 2 for Itoigawa Juniper (Tree Type (Outdoors))

Peter Warren Bonsai Workshop - Phil's Juniper.

Video 3 for Itoigawa Juniper (Tree Type (Outdoors))

The pig's tail.

Video 4 for Itoigawa Juniper (Tree Type (Outdoors))

STEP by STEP Juniperus.

Video 5 for Itoigawa Juniper (Tree Type (Outdoors)) - Alfredo Salaccione: restyling of a japanese juniper.

Thanks to - Wattston Bonsai for use of the image

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