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Cotinus (SmokeTree)

 Cotinus (SmokeTree) - (Tree Type (Outdoors))

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Cotinus (common naME SmokeTree) comes in many varieties although it is Cotinus Coggygria which is used for BONSAI>BONSAI>BONSAI.  It is a DECIDUOUSTREE>DECIDUOUS TREE which takes its name from the FLOWERS it produces which resemble a smoke halo. There are several varieties of Cotinus coggygria available with different coloured flowers including Cotinus coggygria Purpureus that has purple/pink blooms.

Style : Large/medium sized informal upright or multi-trunk.

Warning : Purple VARIETY susceptible to MILDEW. Also susceptible to VERTICILLIUM WILT generally.

Location : Ful sun or partial shade.  Protection required below -5 degrees C

Repot : Every 1 to 2 years.

Soil : Basic soil mix.

PRUNING : Trim to SHAPE in growing season .  Branch prune early spring.


Bonsai Videos for Cotinus (SmokeTree) (Tree Type (Outdoors))

Video 1 for Cotinus (SmokeTree) (Tree Type (Outdoors))

Bonsai van het Westen 2014 Cotinus purpurea.

Video 2 for Cotinus (SmokeTree) (Tree Type (Outdoors))

Purple Leaved Smoke Tree - Cotinus coggygria - How to Grow Smoke Bush.

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