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 BioChar - (Growing Medium)

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Biochar is CHARCOAL which is being investigated for its properties in carbon capture and health improvement in trees.

Investigations have shown that Biochar applied in the soil around Ash trees in the UK has "immunised" those Ash trees against Ash Dieback. Current thinking is that the trees are more than healthy enough to fight off disease and virus attacks.

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Biochar has been found to be used by the indigenous peoples of South America, soil samples from around trees have shown traces of 4000 year old CHARCOAL. Whether or not Biochar is beneficial to BONSAI>BONSAI trees has not been scientifically proven however many Biochar properties are those that you would wish for in bonsai GROWING MEDIUM. (Editor - my own personal view is that it can't hurt and at least I am helping in a small way with Climate Change).

Biochar is not widely available in the UK but is produced by one company and can be found online sold as GroChar (which includes SEAWEED EXTRACTs and mycorrhiZAl fungi), a soil amendment and fertiliser by

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