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Steve Tolley Bonsai

 Steve Tolley Bonsai - (Dealer)

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Runs Four Dimensional Art to provide high quality trees (yamadori from Europe) and nursery grown from Japan) allied with expert bonsai tuition.

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I have a purpose built studio where people can come and study in peaceful surroundings the wonderful art that is Bonsai, and our small nursery stocks some of the finest material found anywhere in Europe.

All the material trees have been individually selected to offer great styling potential and we also offer a find and source service for clients who are looking for Japanese masterpiece bonsai or exceptional European or Japanese yamadori.

Our nursery has regular stocks of Yamadori Scots Pine, Mugo Pine, Larch, Spruce, Olive, Buxus etc from all over Europe. We have both material trees and Bonsai from some of the best nurseries and collections in Japan. We have all the classic bonsai SPECIES, Black Pine, White Pine Red Pine, Itoigawa JUNIPERS, Shimpaku, NEEDLE Juniper and much more in all sizes from Shohin and CHUHIN to Ogata.

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