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Root Pruning

 Root Pruning - (Procedure)

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Pruning of the ROOTS followed by REPOTTING encourages young FEEDER ROOTS to multiply and develop, which in turn leads to a healthier and stronger tree.

Root pruning should generally be carried out in spring to allow maximum time for recovery before winter. After the tree is removed from its pot and the roots untangled, the roots should be trimmed on all sides of the root ball (usually by about one third) in order to form a flat, circular pad of roots.

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Some care has to be taken to ensure that the effect of the nebari on the tree is not compromised and also to ensure enough substantial root exists to stabilise and anchor the tree in the pot. Major ROOTS also store sugars over winter which the tree uses to kick start the growth of new SHOOTS, LEAVES and roots in the spring time.

The tree can then be repotted.

The tree in the photograph which is being repotted for the first time since being removed from the ground has had some vertical growth removed from the root ball. The wounds on the cut ends of the roots are then treated with Kiyonal to help seal the root from infection.

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