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 A To Z Entry For Bonsai Quince - Chinese (Chaennomeles sinensis) (Tree Type (Outdoors))

Quince - Chinese (Chaennomeles sinensis)

 Quince - Chinese (Chaennomeles sinensis) - (Tree Type (Outdoors))

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bonsai_chinese_quince_01.jpg image MELESSINENSIS)>QUINCE - CHINESE (CHAENNOMELES SINENSIS) -

Emanates from China/Korea. Flakey BARK and dense glossy LEAVES that turn from green to various shades of orange/red in autumn. Pink FLOWERS followed by yellow FRUITs.

STYLE : Suitable for several styles : informal upright, twin trunk or group.

WARNING : Leaving too many fruits on the tree can exhaust it.

Care Info


REPOT : Every 2 years depending on age, after flowering , or in autumn.

SOIL : Grows well in 30:70 GRIT:organic mixture.

PRUNE : Prune to SHAPE directly after flowering/in autumn.

PINCH : Cut back new SHOOTS to about 1 or two NODEs.

WATER : Water well in summer, especially when FRUIT is swelling. Keep moist in winter. They should not be allowed to dry out.

FEED : BALANCED FEED in spring, low nitrogen until autumn when a single nitrogen feed may be applied.

WARNING : Leaving too many fruits on the tree can exhaust it.

Thanks to - John Goldsmith, Ayr for use of the image

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