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Beech (Fagus)

 Beech (Fagus) - (Tree Type (Outdoors))

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DECIDUOUSTREE>DECIDUOUS TREE which according to Wikipedia has ten SPECIES of which 2 variants are most popular for BONSAI>BONSAI>BONSAI : European beech (Fagus sylvatica) and Japanese white beech(Fagus crenata), the latter distinguished by narrower, darker and more pointed LEAVES than the forMEr.

In both types the leaves change to russet brown in winter and remain on the tree until displaced by new BUD>BUDs.

STYLE : Best suited to medium/large size specimens (because of leaf size) in formal/informal upright, slanting, twin trunk, CLUMP and group styles.

WARNING : Easily scorched by drying winds.

Care Info


LOCATION : Tolerates full sun and stands up to wind very well (unless very young or recently re-potted)

REPOT : Every 2-3 years in spring, less frequently, as required, for older, larger trees.

SOIL : Free draining soil : 40:60 GRIT:organic. Ph. 6.0-7.0.

PRUNE : Late winter/early spring. Prune close to trunk leaving no stubs.

PINCH : Pinch back SHOOTS to one or two LEAVES throughout sumMEr. DEFOLIATION not recommended but removal of odd over-sized leaf is OK.

WATER : Water well in growing season (twice per day as necessary in really hot weather), sparingly in winter.

FEED : Start BALANCED FEED 4 weeks after leaves have emerged until late summer, then nitrogen free until leaves turn yellow.

WARNING : Easily scorched by drying winds.

Bonsai Videos for Beech (Fagus) (Tree Type (Outdoors))

Video 1 for Beech (Fagus) (Tree Type (Outdoors))

Bonsai Beech video from Bonsai4Me

Video 2 for Beech (Fagus) (Tree Type (Outdoors))

The Beech tree in the UK.

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