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Fig (Ficus )

 Fig (Ficus ) - (Tree Type (Indoors))

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bonsai_ficus_retusa_01.jpg image FIG (FICUS ) -

Varieties used for BONSAI>BONSAI>BONSAI include : retusa and benjamina (WEEPING) in temperate climates and microcarpa and microphylla in warMEr araes. Originating from South East Asia and Australia, with leathery pointed oval LEAVES and aerial ROOTS, they are more closely related to the rubber plant than the large tree with edible FRUITs.

STYLE : Suited to all styles except literati and the aerial roots of the "banyan type" make them very good for root over rock.

WARNING : Figs dislike draughts or sudden changes in temperature or HUMIDITY.

Care Info


 REPOT : Annually in spring. SOIL : 40:60 GRIT:organic. .

PRUNE : Branches should be pruned in winter. Branches ooze latex when cut, which is difficult to remove when dry so wounds should be sealed imMEdiatly - some suggest using modeling clay or even cauterising the wound (briefly) with a hot screwdriver

PINCH: Constantly pinch out growing tips during growing season. Defoliatiion is possible in mid summer to encourage smaller LEAVES.

WATER : Water well (DAI>DAIly) in growing season and keep moist in winter. Daily MISTING also helps.

FEED : BALANCED FEED every 2 weeks during growing season. Reduce to half strength in winter.

WARNING : Figs dislike draughts or sudden changes in temperature or HUMIDITY.

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