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Baillie - Ian

 Baillie - Ian - (Pot)

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Nearly forty years in making BONSAI>BONSAI>BONSAI pots which are currently included in collections in Britain, Europe, Japan and North AMErica and feature regularly in major exhibitions at home and abroad where they are used to compliment quality trees.

All pots are hand made and fired to stoneware temperature of 1260 degrees C so are frost proof. Ian's speciality is round pots thrown on the wheel but rectangles, cascades, slabs, crescents and freeform containers (and recently a new range of MAME and SHOHIN (SIZE) pots) are also made, all with a range of subtle glazes specifically developed for bonsai.

Pots can be purchased at BONSAI TRADERS ASSOCIATION events and British Shohin Association events. Orders can also be placed by phone or email. A Facebook page has been started and can be found below and on the Web Link button.

Contact details:
Tel:01875 852 887
Facebook: Click (you will need a Facebook account to see the page)

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Bonsai Potter Showcase Ian Baillie

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