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Berberis (Barberry)

 Berberis (Barberry) - (Tree Type (Outdoors))

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A shrub which grows no higher than 12 feet in the wild. May be DECIDUOUS, EVERGREEN or partially evergreen depending on SPECIES. Evergreen LEAVES are green while deciduous leaves may be purple/green with bright autumn colours. Leaves can be prickly or smooth edged,. FLOWERS are yellow and berries coME in a VARIETY of colours.

STYLE : Suitable for most styles with exception of formal upright.

WARNING : Berberis flowers off 1 year old branches coming off 2 year OLD WOOD. If pruned too early it will not flower.

Care Info

Berberis (BarBERRY) -

LOCATION : Can grow in semi or no shade positions.

REPOT : Every 1-2 years in arly spring. Prune ROOTS by between one third and one half.

SOIL : Grows in any soil (even high ACID) but best in 50:50 LOAM:LEAF MOULD. Does not need a deep pot for growth but does look better in one. pH 6.0-7.5.

PRUNE : Prune sub-branches after flowering.

PINCH : Keep shortening new SHOOTS until September.

WATER : Water well in sumMEr but allow ground to dry out between WATERINGs.

FEED : Feed with slow acting organic fertilizer only after flowering is over.

WARNING : Berberis FLOWERS off 1 year old branches coming off 2 year OLD WOOD. If pruned too early it will not flower.

Bonsai Videos for Berberis (Barberry) (Tree Type (Outdoors))

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Berberis/Barberry Bonsai

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