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Pinus (Genus)

 Pinus (Genus) - (Tree Type (Outdoors))

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Pinus are the genus of trees which contains Pines in the family Pinaceae.

There are currently 175 named pine varieties with another 30 or 40 which have not yet been properly classified. A list of pines by region is available on Wikipedia.

Pine is one of the most commercially important timber in the world. A fast growing softwood (in a plantation) the timber is used for the likes of internal woodwork in houses or as wood pulp.

Pines generally can be identified by the number of NEEDLEs which grow from the same spot (fascile), the colour of the bud (which forms new needles/branches) and the color of the BARK. Needles can be borne in clusters of 1-6 although 2-5 is much more common.

Pines can live from 100-1000 years although there is one aged pine recorded at 5065 years old.

A number of pines are popular in BONSAI>BONSAI, please click the More Info button to learn more.

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Pine make superb BONSAI>BONSAI and the Japanese Black pine is often known as "King of the Bonsai". They often grow naturally rugged in inaccessible places and collected examples are sold commercially as Yamadori-shitate.

Some of the common SPECIES used in Bonsai is listed below.

Japanese Black Pine - Pinus Thubergii. A two NEEDLEd pine. See Pine - Japanese Black (Pinus thunbergii).

Japanese White Pine - Pinus Parviflora. A five needled pine. See Pine - White (Pinus Parviflora/PINUS PENTAPHYLLA) The Parviflora is GRAFTed onto the faster growing Black Pine ROOTStock and is more common than the Pentaphylla which grows on its own root and tends to be a weaker tree.

Scots Pine - Pinus Sylvestris. A two needled pine. See Pine - Scots (Pinus sylvestris)

Mountain Pine - Pinus Mugo. A two needled pine. See PINE - MOUNTAIN (PINUS MUGO)

Japanese Red Pine - Pinus Densiflora.  A two needled pine.


Care Info


There are a wide range of different pines which grow in many varied habitats so there is never a "one rule fits all" for Pine tree care.

Many pines may even change their growth patterns when removed from their rugged natural habitat to an enthusiasts back garden.

Much is written online about care of BONSAI>BONSAI pines but be very careful as climactic differences aCROSS the world have a dramatic effect on the bonsai care required. Your best bet - get in touch with your local bonsai club who may be able to give you some guidance or track down the online offerings from a local bonsai enthusiast.

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