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Existing Bonsai A To Z Entry for Mulberry (Morus Alba)

Mulberry (Morus Alba)

 - (Tree Type (Outdoors))
Mulberry (Morus Alba) - Bonsai Tree Type (Outdoors) Bonsai Care

A long living (500 years) tree famous for harbouring silk worms. The shape varies depending on variety. Leaves are alternate with deeply indented edges (often lobed) and are light green with shiny surface and polished underneath turning to golden yellow in autumn. Bears pinkish white, round, edible berries in autumn.

STYLE : Suitable for most styles with exception of formal upright and broom. Looks good grown over rock.

WARNING : Liquid fertilizer is best during flowering.

Care Info

REPOT : Every 1-2 years in early spring. Prune roots by one third.

SOIL : Prefer light, sandy soil. Do not like damp, heavy soil. Grows in any soil but best in 50:25:25 loam:leaf mould:coarse sand.

PRUNE : Prune branches short in early spring before bud burst. After flowering prune sub branches to just 2 eyes. At end of autumn re-prune long sub branches to 2-3 eyes.

PINCH : Pinch back new shoots directly they have lengthened a little.

WATER : Needs a lot of water but to be allowed to dry out between waterings. May need to water twice daily in spring and autumn.

FEED : Feed with slow acting organic fertilizer in spring.

WARNING : Liquid fertilizer is best during flowering.

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