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Bonsai Area Groups

SBA area groups and bonsai clubs - come along and meet us,  see how you enjoy the meeting. Everyone is welcome!

All groups meet once a month

Bonsai Clubs

Club -

Ayrshire Bonsai

Address -

Alloway Village Hall
Convenor -John Goldsmith  Alloway
Tel No -07562101217  
Email Post Code -KA7 4PY

   Map -Click for Google Map

Meetings - Second Sunday of every month 1.30pm in Alloway Village Hall. Face to face meetings now resumed.

This months Programme - May 2023 for Ayrshire - Bonsai

HI all Ayrshire Group members. Hope you are all well and noticing movement in some trees that were previously causing concern. Elms in particular seemed to be considerably delayed re budding and this seems to have been subject to comment throughout the bonsai world. I have lost more trees (various species) this year than ever before and do not think I am an exception in that. My apple blossom has been and now on decline but cottoneaster buds are forming well. Tree choices for National are more difficult this year me thinks. Our next scheduled meeting is Sunday 14 May 2023 at Alloway Village Hall, 1.30pm as usual. this is our last club meeting before our National Event on 21st May. The meeting will take on last minute arrangements and confirmations regarding the national event. One important matter concerns early notification and understanding by you all. It has been our usual practice to transport vital equipment etc to Concert Hall, Troon on the Staurday and store there overnight - leaving transport free for trees and associated items on the Sunday. There are events on in both Troon Halls on Saturday 20th so we cannot have access. We must therefor bring this task forward one day and do the transport on the afternoon of Friday 19th and take the stuff for overnight storage in the Municipal Offices. As many volunteers as possibly are required please.  also bear in mind that on Saturday 13th May - 10am to noon - we have booked a slot at Alloway Hall to sort and iron display cloths etc. Lend a hand if you can. Bring something for displlay table at scheduled meet. Any other matters will be raised and discussed at scheduled meet.

Ayrshire bonsai club meetings
bonsai Ayrshire

Club -

Edinburgh Bonsai

Address -

Currie Scout Hall
Convenor -Janice  Lanark Road
Tel No -01620 825187  Currie
Email Post Code -EH14 5JX

Meetings - First Sunday of the month, 2-4.30pm, Currie Scout Hall, Lanark Road, Currie. Near Sainsbury's Petrol station. Tea, coffee and biscuits provided. There is a small charge to cover the hall fee.

This months Programme - May 2023 for Edinburgh - Bonsai

Sunday 7th May 2023 2-4.30pm Currie Scout Hall, Lanark Road, Currie

if the leaves on your deciduous trees have set you can give them a prune. Flowering species can be pruned if they've finished flowering, and junipers repotted. Bring what you want to work on, tea coffee (other drinks may be available) and kitkats and lots of chat provided!

Edinburgh bonsai club meetings
bonsai Edinburgh

Club -

Forth Valley Bonsai

Address -

Mayfield Centre
Convenor -John  Bannockburn
Tel No -01295 731094  
Email Post Code -FK7 0DB

   Map -Click for Google Map

Meetings - First Tuesday of the month 7.30pm

This months Programme - May 2023 for Forth Valley - Bonsai
Forth Valley bonsai club meetings
bonsai Forth Valley

Club -

Lanarkshire Bonsai

Address -

Wattston Bonsai
Convenor -Maurice
Tel No -01236 764119  North Lanarkshire
Email Post Code -ML6 7SY

Meetings - First Sunday of every month from 12.30pm . Wattston Open day Saturday prior to club day. New members welcome. Please visit our flicker page below for our club galleries.

This months Programme - May 2023 for Lanarkshire - Bonsai
Lanarkshire bonsai club meetings
bonsai Lanarkshire

Club -

Penicuik Bonsai

Address -

Penicuik Town Hall
Convenor -Dave Waddington  High Street
Tel No -0131 258 1936  Penicuik
Email Post Code -EH26 8HS

   Map -Click for Google Map

Meetings - Second Tuesday of the month 7pm - 9pm in Penicuik Town Hall, opposite the Royal Hotel, through the door with the wheelchair ramp. Entry £5. Bring your own refreshments.

This months Programme - May 2023 for Penicuik - Bonsai

Next meeting: Tuesday 9th May, Penicuik town hall, 7pm.

Pleased bring any possible trees for the National Exhibition, so we can see where they might fit into a possible display.

Also bring trees needing wiring or pruning, particularly good to balance energy in conifers before a new season’s growth.   

All welcome

Penicuik bonsai club meetings
bonsai Penicuik

Club -

Perth Bonsai

Address -

Stanley Rifle Club
Convenor -David Hynd  The Square, Stanley
Tel No -07702957230  Perthshire
Email Post Code -PH1 4LT

Meetings - First Sunday of the month from 10.00am - 13.00pm. (no meet during Jan)at Rifle Club (next to Primary School). Watch Group programme for any changes to meeting dates.

This months Programme - May 2023 for Perth - Bonsai

Our meetings are usually on the first Sunday of the month.

Unfortunately due to Coronation events close to our premises this will need to be moved.

Therefore our next meting will be the 13th of May.

After two busy repotting sessions a more relaxed general tree appreciation session is planned.

Usual venue of Stanley Rifle Club and usual time of 10:00am - 13:00pm.

All visitors new and old welcome.

Next months Programme June 2023 -

Our Meetings are usually on the first Sunday of the Month.

Therefore our next scheduled meeting will be the 4th June.

This meeting will follow directly on from the gardening event at Scone palace on the 2nd & 3rd.  The SBA will have a small stand there to answer questions from the general public.

Usual venue of Stanley Rifle Club and usual time of 10:00am - 13:00pm.

All visitors new and old welcome.

Perth bonsai club meetings
bonsai Perth

Club -

SBA Online Bonsai

Address -

Country Members
Convenor -Jeff Banning  
Tel No -07799477895  
Email Post Code -

Meetings - Online only

This months Programme - May 2023 for SBA Online - Bonsai
SBA Online bonsai club meetings
bonsai SBA Online

Club -

West Lothian Bonsai

Address -

Binny Plants
Convenor -Lee Purdie  Ecclesmachan Road
Tel No -01506 871934  Ecclesmachan, Uphall
Email Post Code -EH52 6NL

   Map -Click for Google Map

Meetings - Meeting dates are usually the last Sunday of the month, and will normally be split between Binny Plants (Postcode - EH52 6NL) and the Brock (Located behind the Strathbrock Partnership Centre, 189A W Main St, Broxburn postcode - EH52 5LH.) No charge at meetings for first timers, thereafter, £3 per meeting at Binny Plants, £4 per meeting at the Brock, as we are able to provide tea/coffee/biscuits there.
Special Meetings - Binny Estate Ecclesmachan, Rd, Uphall EH52 6NL

This months Programme - May 2023 for West Lothian - Bonsai

Our next meeting will be on Sunday the 28th May at the Brock. No guests/speakers arranged, so bring along your trees to work on, and enjoy the company as usual. 

West Lothian bonsai club meetings
bonsai West Lothian

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Ishizuke, Ishitsuki, Ishitzuki
Rock garden style characterised by entire tree planted on a rock but with no soil in the pot. Water or sand ofetn in the base of the pot.

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