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A to Z of Bonsai
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A to Z of Bonsai Terms

Welcome to the A to Z of Bonsai.

We are compiling a worldwide A to Z of Bonsai database. The A to Z is written collaboratively by the people who use it and we would like to encourage anyone reading this page to contribute to what has become the worlds greatest encyclopedia of bonsai terms. Entries when they are made will be added to an editable list which will be checked prior to publication. Photos and images of the bonsai term can be added and links made to relevant web pages.

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Letter - 38 entries


 - (Tree Style)  
Entry for Bonsai Dai Tree Style  Update this bonsai term Dai Tree Style
Dai_Beech_Bonsai _Tree.jpg image DAI - Tree size sub-category in the "Large BONSAI>BONSAI" group, measuring between 76 and 122 cms.  Also referred to in japan as "4 Handed" indicating how many men it would take to move one.

Thanks to - SBA Bonsai Image Gallery for use of the image

Dai ki (Oya ki)

 - (Tree Parts)  
Entry for Bonsai Dai ki (Oya ki) Tree Parts  Update this bonsai term Dai ki (Oya ki) Tree Parts

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bonsai dictionary
DAIKI(OYAKI)>DAI KI (OYA KI) - The parent plant - or parent tree in BONSAI>BONSAI.  

Dai-Ichi Bonsai

 - (Dealer)  
Entry for Bonsai Dai-Ichi Bonsai Dealer   WWW Link  Update this bonsai term Dai-Ichi Bonsai Dealer
Dai-Ichi_Bonsai.jpg image DAI-ICHIBONSAI>BONSAI>DAI-ICHI BONSAI - Offer a wide range of goods for sale on-line from their web site and "Ebay" but also from callers at their two centres within Hillingdon garden Centres.

Contact - Hillier Garden Centre,
Priors Court Road,
RG18 9TG.

Tel: 01635 200667

Contact - Hillier Garden Centre,
Henley Road,
Mappleborough Green,
B80 7DR

Tel: 01527 850202

Thanks to - Dai-Ichi Bonsai for use of the image


 - (Pot)  
Entry for Bonsai Daiza Pot   WWW Link  Update this bonsai term Daiza Pot
bonsai_daiza_01.jpg image DAIZA - DAIZA is a wooden base carved to fit a specific SUISEKI viewing stone.

Damping off

 - (Pests and Diseases)  
Entry for Bonsai Damping off Pests and Diseases  Update this bonsai term Damping off Pests and Diseases

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bonsai dictionary
DAMPING OFF - A group of FUNGAL DISEASEs which attack seedlings causing them to rot at the base, collapse and die.  May be combatted by spraying with copper based FUNGICIDE.

Danish Pink

 - (Growing Medium)  
Entry for Bonsai Danish Pink Growing Medium   WWW Link  Update this bonsai term Danish Pink Growing Medium
bonsai_sophisticat-pink-cat-litter-01.jpg image DANISH PINK - This is a particular type of cat litter sold under the brand names Sophisticat and Tesco's Low Dust Lightweight Cat litter (small granules).

Not all cat litters are safe for BONSAI>BONSAI as they may be impregnated with harmful chemicals. However, these brands above are widely used in bonsai - see cat litter in the "GROWING MEDIUMs" section.

The attached weblink provides info on sources and also some bonsai articles about its use.

Thanks to - Sophisticat for use of the image


 - (Other)  
Entry for Bonsai Dansai Other   WWW Link  Update this bonsai term Dansai Other
DansaiMark.jpg image DANSAI - This is a type of "trademark" used to describe unique works by Dan Barton - generally to his pot styles but it has also been used with specific reference to a Scots Pine GRAFTed by Dan from a witches broom found in Ashdown Forest, Sussex (Scots Pine var. "Dansai").

Thanks to - Dan Barton for use of the image

Dawn redwood (Metasequoia glyptostroboides)

 - (Tree Type (Outdoors))  
Entry for Bonsai Dawn redwood (Metasequoia glyptostroboides) Tree Type (Outdoors)   WWW Link  Update this bonsai term Dawn redwood (Metasequoia glyptostroboides) Tree Type (Outdoors)
bonsai_dawn_redwood_01 - Copy.jpg image DAWN REDWOOD (METASEQUOIA GLYPTOSTROBOIDES) - This is a deciduous conifer native to Sichuan and Hubei provinces of China where it was discovered in 1941.

It is a fast growing tree (over 100 feet in the wild) with thick, spongy BARK and biPINNATE  LEAVES which are bright green in the summer turning to red in autumn before shedding in winter.

Style : Most suitable styles for BONSAI>BONSAI are formal or informal upright.

WARNING : Dawn redwoods grown in the ground thrive in full sunlight, but as a potted bonsai, they will dry out too quickly if placed in direct sunlight. Place the bonsai in dappled or filtered sunlight. Be extra vigilant in the summer: Check the soil every day to make sure it is moist. The tree will quickly perish if allowed to dry out.

Bonsai Videos  Bonsai_Dawn redwood (Metasequoia glyptostroboides) Tree Type (Outdoors) Bonsai More
Thanks to - Wikipedia for use of the image


 - (Tree Parts)  
Entry for Bonsai Deadwood Tree Parts  Update this bonsai term Deadwood Tree Parts
bonsai_deadwood_01.jpg image DEADWOOD - Areas of dead wood on trees which immitate the action of nature where lightening STRIKEs, heavy winds or storms have damaged and killed off a part of a tree.

JINs and SHARIs are examples of deadwood. Some trees, especially old JUNIPERS can be almost all deadwood with foliage carried on a single live vein.

Deciduous Tree

 - (Tree Type (Outdoors))  
Entry for Bonsai Deciduous Tree Tree Type (Outdoors)  Update this bonsai term Deciduous Tree Tree Type (Outdoors)
Bonsai_Crab_Apple_01.jpg image DECIDUOUS TREE - A tree that loses its LEAVES at the beginning of its DORMANT season (ABSCISSION).

Sometimes referred to a "BROADLEAF" trees but there are exceptions (like Larch) which have NEEDLEs which are lost during winter.

Bonsai Videos
Thanks to - SBA Bonsai Image Gallery for use of the image


 - (Procedure)  
Entry for Bonsai Defoliation Procedure   WWW Link  Update this bonsai term Defoliation Procedure

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bonsai dictionary
DEFOLIATION - This is the process used to improve the density of growth and assist in the size reduction of LEAVES on a DECIDUOUS TREE.

The defoliation process involves the partial or total removal of the established leaves normally in late spring or early summer in order to allow time for the new leaves to develop before autumn.

Complete defoliation should only be carried out every other year at the most, in order not to stress the tree too much.

The leaves should be removed by CUTTING with TRIMMING SHEARS at their base, leaving just the PETIOLE (the stalk on which they grow) so that any goodness within the petiole can drain back and feed the DORMANT buds at their base.

Deltoid (leaf)

 - (Tree Parts)  
Entry for Bonsai Deltoid (leaf) Tree Parts   WWW Link  Update this bonsai term Deltoid (leaf) Tree Parts
Bonsai-Leaf-Shape.gif image DELTOID (LEAF) - Broadly a triangular SHAPE with rounded tips.

Thanks to - Wikipedia for use of the image

Dentate leaf

 - (Tree Parts)  
Entry for Bonsai Dentate leaf Tree Parts   WWW Link  Update this bonsai term Dentate leaf Tree Parts
Bonsai-Leaf-Shape.gif image DENTATE LEAF - Toothed form , such as Castanea (chestnut)

Derby & District Bonsai Association

 - (Club or Group)  
Entry for Bonsai Derby & District Bonsai Association Club or Group   WWW Link  Update this bonsai term Derby & District Bonsai Association Club or Group
bonsai_derby_bonsai_01.jpg image BONSAI>BONSAIASSOCIATION>DERBY & DISTRICT BONSAI ASSOCIATION - Meetings offer a varied programme of hands-on workshops plus talks and demonstrations by members and guest speakers. Open to all ages and abilities.

Meetings on last Wednesday of every month except December from 19.30 to 22.00 at :
Grange Hall Community Centre,
Park Lane.
DE23 6FX.

Contact Tony (01332 679584) or Rod (0115 9727141).

Thanks to - From web for use of the image


 - (Treatments)  
Entry for Bonsai Derris Treatments  Update this bonsai term Derris Treatments

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bonsai dictionary
DERRIS - This is an organically derived, short persistance pesticide, otherwise known as "rotenone" used to combat, greenfly, blackfly, sawfly (gooseberry, pear & rose) raspberry beetle, flea beetle, small CATERPILLARS, thrips, wasps and red SPIDER MITEs.  It was made illegal to use this after October 2009.

Derris Dust

 - (Treatments)  
Entry for Bonsai Derris Dust Treatments  Update this bonsai term Derris Dust Treatments

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