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A to Z of Bonsai
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A to Z of Bonsai Terms

Welcome to the A to Z of Bonsai.

We are compiling a worldwide A to Z of Bonsai database. The A to Z is written collaboratively by the people who use it and we would like to encourage anyone reading this page to contribute to what has become the worlds greatest encyclopedia of bonsai terms. Entries when they are made will be added to an editable list which will be checked prior to publication. Photos and images of the bonsai term can be added and links made to relevant web pages.

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Letter - 80 entries

Baillie - Ian

 - (Pot)  
Entry for Bonsai Baillie - Ian  Pot   WWW Link  Update this bonsai term Baillie - Ian  Pot
bonsai_ian_baillie_01.jpg image BAILLIE - IAN -  

Nearly thirty years in making BONSAI>BONSAI pots which are currently included in collections in Britain, Europe, Japan and North America and feature regularly in major exhibitions at home and abroad where they are used to compliment quality trees.

All pots are hand made and fired to stoneware temperature of 1260 degrees C so are frost proof. Ian's speciality is round pots thrown on the wheel but rectangles, cascades, slabs, crescents and freeform containers (and recently a new range of MAME and SHOHIN (SIZE) pots) are also made, all with a range of subtle glazes specifically developed for bonsai.

Pots can be purchased at BONSAI TRADERS ASSOCIATION events and British Shohin Association events. Orders can also be placed by phone or email. A Facebook page has been started and can be found below and on the Web Link button.

Contact details:
Tel:01875 852 887
Facebook: Click (you will need a Facebook account to see the page)

Bonsai Videos
Thanks to - Images from Ian Baillie pots on internet for use of the image

Balanced feed

 - (Fertiliser)  
Entry for Bonsai Balanced feed Fertiliser   WWW Link  Update this bonsai term Balanced feed Fertiliser
bonsai_balanced_feed_01.jpg image BALANCED FEED - Relates to fertilizers with equal proportions of Nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium (NPK)

Bonsai Videos
Thanks to - eBay for use of the image


 - (Growing Medium)  
Entry for Bonsai Bark Growing Medium  Update this bonsai term Bark Growing Medium

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bonsai dictionary

Bark (tree)

 - (Tree Parts)  
Entry for Bonsai Bark (tree) Tree Parts   WWW Link  Update this bonsai term Bark (tree) Tree Parts
bonsai_bark_01.jpg image BARK(TREE)>BARK (TREE) - Basically this is the outermost layer on the trunk and branches of trees.  

The Inner Bark is alive while the Outer Bark (termed rhytidome) includes dead tissue along with some elements of the live inner bark.


Bark beetle

 - (Pests and Diseases)  
Entry for Bonsai Bark beetle Pests and Diseases   WWW Link  Update this bonsai term Bark beetle Pests and Diseases
bonsai_bark_beetle_01.jpg image BARKBEETLE>BARK BEETLE - These are black or brown, cylindrically SHAPEd beetles which burrow under the bark and are particularly prevalent in conifers.

FUNGUS developes in the tunnels and the holes of emerging beetles appear. Bark may fall off and branches die.

Treatment involves removing and destroying infected branches, enriching the soil with phosphorous and potassium and spraying with lindane and PARATHION based insecticide in spring to kill beetles and at the end of winter to destroy larvae.

Bonsai Videos
Thanks to - Wikipedia for use of the image

Bark cleaner

 - (Treatments)  
Entry for Bonsai Bark cleaner Treatments   WWW Link  Update this bonsai term Bark cleaner Treatments
bonsai_bark_cleaner_01.jpg image BARKCLEANER>BARK CLEANER - Keeping old bark in pristine condition is a perennial problem, especially in the U.Ks damp climate. Because of the damp weather and regular WATERING, bark, which is very absorbent tends to be the perfect place for green algae to colonize.

After time this can become quite thick and if not cleaned away will progress to a lush carpet of green moss, under which the precious old bark will be decaying.

Bark Cleaner and Algae Remover solves this problem. The product harnesses the power of sunlight to lift algae away from the supporting surface, it then simply dries up and blows away.

Treatment involves spraying the affected area until it is evenly damp and putting it in the sun to take effect.

Thanks to - Kaizen Bonsai for use of the image

Bark Stripper

 - (Tool)  
Entry for Bonsai Bark Stripper Tool  Update this bonsai term Bark Stripper Tool
bonsai_bark_stripper_01.jpg image BARKSTRIPPER>BARK STRIPPER - As its name suggests, used for stripping bark when creating SHARIs or other features.

May also be used for removing wood, thinning JINs and clearing soft or rotten wood.

Thanks to - Kaizen Bonsai for use of the image

Basal shoot

 - (Tree Parts)  
Entry for Bonsai Basal shoot Tree Parts  Update this bonsai term Basal shoot Tree Parts

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bonsai dictionary
BASAL SHOOT - A shoot emanating from the neck or CROWN of the tree.

Bedfordshire Bonsai Society

 - (Club or Group)  
Entry for Bonsai Bedfordshire Bonsai Society Club or Group  Update this bonsai term Bedfordshire Bonsai Society Club or Group
toddington.jpg image Bedfordshire BONSAI>BONSAI Society -

Steve Lee - Secretary
Tel No:

01234 765600

Toddington Village Hall Toddington, Beds

Monthly:  Weds 7:30pm

Google Bedfordshire Bonsai Society

Beech (Fagus)

 - (Tree Type (Outdoors))  
Entry for Bonsai Beech (Fagus) Tree Type (Outdoors)   WWW Link  Update this bonsai term Beech (Fagus) Tree Type (Outdoors)
Bonsai_Beech_01.jpg image BEECH (FAGUS) - DECIDUOUS TREE which according to Wikipedia has ten SPECIES of which 2 variants are most popular for BONSAI>BONSAI : European beech (Fagus sylvatica) and Japanese white beech(Fagus crenata), the latter distinguished by narrower, darker and more pointed LEAVES than the former.

In both types the leaves change to russet brown in winter and remain on the tree until displaced by new buds.

STYLE : Best suited to medium/large size specimens (because of leaf size) in formal/informal upright, slanting, twin trunk, CLUMP and group styles.

WARNING : Easily scorched by drying winds.

Bonsai Videos  Bonsai_Beech (Fagus) Tree Type (Outdoors) Bonsai More
Thanks to - SBA Image Gallery for use of the image

Beech (Southern)

 - (Tree Type (Outdoors))  
Entry for Bonsai Beech (Southern) Tree Type (Outdoors)   WWW Link  Update this bonsai term Beech (Southern) Tree Type (Outdoors)
bonsai_southern-beech_01.jpg image BEECH (SOUTHERN) - The tree commonly referred to as the SOUTHERN BEECH because of its southern hemisphere origins is related to the genus "Fagus" but is now treated as a separate genus known as NOTHOFAGUS (see entry under this name for details).

Bonsai Videos
Thanks to - Joe Bailey, Ayr Bonsai for use of the image


 - (Treatments)  
Entry for Bonsai Benomyl Treatments   WWW Link  Update this bonsai term Benomyl Treatments
Benomyl.gif image BENOMYL - Benomyl (also marketed as Benlate) is a FUNGICIDE introduced in 1968 by DuPont.

It gradually became ineffective and ceased production in 2001. However, as DuPont's patents expired long ago and in some countries benomyl's registration has not been revoked, other manufacturers still produce it.

Commercial names for products containing benomyl are Agrodit, Benex, Benlate, Benosan, Fundazol, and Tersan

Thanks to - Wikipedia for use of the image

Berberis (Barberry)

 - (Tree Type (Outdoors))  
Entry for Bonsai Berberis (Barberry) Tree Type (Outdoors)   WWW Link  Update this bonsai term Berberis (Barberry) Tree Type (Outdoors)
bonsai_berberis_02.jpg image BERBERIS (BARBERRY) - A shrub which grows no higher than 12 feet in the wild. May be deciduous, EVERGREEN or partially evergreen depending on SPECIES. Evergreen LEAVES are green while deciduous leaves may be purple/green with bright autumn colours. Leaves can be prickly or smooth edged,. FLOWERS are yellow and berries come in a VARIETY of colours.

STYLE : Suitable for most styles with exception of formal upright.

WARNING : Berberis flowers off 1 year old branches coming off 2 year OLD WOOD. If pruned too early it will not flower.

Bonsai Videos  Bonsai_Berberis (Barberry) Tree Type (Outdoors) Bonsai More
Thanks to - Peter Thorne for use of the image

Berkshire Bonsai Society

 - (Club or Group)  
Entry for Bonsai Berkshire Bonsai Society Club or Group   WWW Link  Update this bonsai term Berkshire Bonsai Society Club or Group
barkham.jpg image Berkshire BONSAI>BONSAI Society -

Tania Clentworth,


Tel No:

07817 418 708


BARKham Village Hall


2nd. Wednesday


 - (Treatments)  
Entry for Bonsai Bifenthrin  Treatments   WWW Link  Update this bonsai term Bifenthrin  Treatments
800px-Bifenthrin-2D-skeleta.gif image BIFENTHRIN - Bifenthrin is a PYRETHROID INSECTICIDE previously used in BONSAI>BONSAI against red SPIDER MITE. Its use was banned in the UK during 2011.

Brands including bifenthrin include : Bayer Sprayday Greenfly Killer Plus, Bayer Multirose 3-in-1, Bayer Bug-Free, Bayer Bug and Disease Killer, Doff All in One Garden Pest Killer, Scotts Rose Clear 3, Scotts Rose Clear 3 Gun, and Scotts Bug Clear Gun

Bonsai Videos


 - (Tree Parts)  
Entry for Bonsai Bilobate Tree Parts  Update this bonsai term Bilobate Tree Parts
Bonsai-Leaf-Shape.gif image